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Financial Advisor Resources and Support

Helping you outperform and deliver value to clients.

Through Blanch & Co Digital Asset Management, Blanch & Co Digital Financial Advisors care to give customized investment advice and investment management. Our creativity, innovation, and superior investment knowledge provides you and your clients with unbiased advice and ideas that address goals and objectives.

With more than a 20 years century of experience, Blanch & Co Financial Digital Assets as the go-to client relationship for Blanch & Co Digital Financial Advisors.

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Blanch & Co Digital Financial Advisors are Professionals

You'll have direct access to investment decision makers and Financial Digital Assets that span many disciplines; from research and due diligence to investment strategy and financial planning. We excel at integrating traditional and alternative portfolios into unified solutions and believe that discovering early stage partnerships with investment management teams in traditional and alternative investments are a channel to potential future outperformance.

Blanch & Co’s Discovered Manager Series

An Active Management Approach to Investing

Our unique Discovered Manager Series, an active management solution, introduces your clients to portfolio management teams that share our level of market passion, conviction, and smart business sense. We have the experience, continuity, and training to address the diverse needs of a complex investment universe, helping you to address each of your client’s financial goals.

How Blanch & Co Digital Asset Management Works

You’ll be provided access to a comprehensive integrated investment platform that is coupled with a strong service-oriented infrastructure. We will evaluate your clients’ detailed financial goals, expectations and risk tolerance to help you design investment plans. Our team of professionals create and maintain close working relationships to help you through the evaluation, proposal, and implementation process that supports your financial recommendations.

Institutional Digital Fixed Income Services

Blanch & Co Digital Investment Management

The Blanch & Co Digital Investment Management Team offers the ideal approach for small-to-midsized clients. Using a bottom-up investment style, we leverage our proprietary research to focus on individual securities. We combine our detailed knowledge of individual issuers with general industry analysis, economic forecasts, and global trends to understand the macro environment our issuers face.

Benefits of Digital Investment Management:

  • Extensive experience Team managing Billion dollar portfolios in multiplecompanies through a Enterprise staff employee investment advisory
  • Top-tier sales coverage facilitates new issue allocations and trade execution
  • Timely communication and nimble decision making
  • Direct access to all portfolio managers and analysts

Our team’s style emphasizes on managing the Blanch Digital Derivatives, Asset Backed Digital stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies, interest rates, and market indexes.and portfolios that are well diversified by Digital asset class. We monitor holdings and sector allocations frequently against other fixed income opportunities for relative value and rebalance portfolios proactively, subject to income tax constraints. We strive to outperform using security selection and sector allocation without making interest rate bets.