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Corporate Access

At Blanch & Co, we utilize our top-ranked research analysts, Digital sales & trading professionals, Digital desk sector specialists, and Digital equity capital markets desk to connect issuers with the right institutional investors. Each event is tailored to ensure companies maximize their marketing efforts by meeting with relevant buy-side decision makers. 

In addition to Blanch & Co’s high profile conferences, our Corporate Access Team facilitates company-investor connections annually. This includes several hundreds of deals and non-deals roadshows, flagship conferences, field trips, bus tours, site visits, and other bespoke events throughout the globe.

Blanch & Co’s Corporate Access services offer some important advantage, including

  • Close relationships with issuers that lead to tailored schedules and feedback throughout the entire process
  • Unique angles and market color on specific companies from both sector traders and research analysts
  • Detailed insights into buy-side investment preferences and anecdotal industry commentary
  • Analysis of shareholder base, geographic distribution of current/prospective investors, and targeted recommendations for specific marketing trips
  • After-market support to help your businesses continue to grow

Digital Institutional Sales Force

  • Digitl Institutional sales professionals Circle Agents with relationships Managed in accounts globally
  • A Team with average of 15 years of industry experience
  • One of the broadest distribution platforms among middle-market Digital Private Bank and Digital Investment Bank

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