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Institutional Digital Trade Finance

Blanch & Co Institutional Digital Sales and Trading offers the highest level of client service for Digital equity portfolio managers and analysts. Our salespeople have an average of more than 10 years of industry experience each. The Blanch & Co brand and Global Digital Financial Advisors network provide the best client service possible.

Institutional Digital Sales and Trading facilitates thousands of company-investor connections annually. The team coordinates meetings between institutional investors and management of many companies. These events include several hundred deal- and non-deal roadshows, flagship conferences, field trips, bus tours, site visits, and other bespoke events throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

  • Salespeople with average 10 years of industry experience
  • Over thousand company-investor connections annually

With Digital equity trading desks located all over the globe as well as our primary financial district trading desk, the Firm offers outstanding service levels and attention to equity trading desks globally. We make markets in Blanch Digital Derivatives with a focus covered by Blanch & Co's Digital Equity Research Department.

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